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[Concept 2006 : sower of innovation for the nextstage]
Art has various values, such as philosophy, science, and entertainment. Therefore, it can connect to many people of different sense of value and thought, and such connection may create another new value.
" Sower of innovation for the next stage" is our concept of this year, which focuses on cultural intersection of art and other fields (sowing) that provides clues of change and innovation to the "World".

Project1: Survivart Converse (seminar)
The theme of each seminars.

[vol.1: May, 2006]…RESIDENCE
[vol.2: July. 2006]…AUTONOMY
[vol.3: October. 2006]…INTERNSHIP PROGRAM
[vol.4: December. 2006]…POLITICS
[vol.5: January. 2007]…EDUCATION
[vol.6: March., 2007]…BUSINESS

Project2: Survivart Internship
We'll hold an event which is planed by the people are participated in Survivart internship program in October, 2006.

Project3: Survivart Book
Contents: Survivart Converse Documents.
It'll be possible to get it in summer, 2007.

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