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What's the Survivart?

"Money is not everything" to "Think about money"
Suvivart is a framework that focuses on economy and community in order to "survive" (in Latin, SUR + vivre : surpass and live) in severe society.
Survivart will directly address the keyword "money", which has been avoided to discuss openly and honestly in Japanese art scene. We especially support young artists' activity through managing and promoting exhibitions or projects, and focusing on community networks.

We, survaivart, back to the original concept that the word "art" indicates --- education, culture, and craft, and search a new and unprecedented way of expression which is released from the narrow range of " art" that current Japanese society has. We will try to open and combine various genres, testes, and crafts, and create new frameworks through connecting several networks.

We correct "survival" way of various people based on continuous research of their way of overcoming obstacles that irregularly and unexpectedly occurs in life (a daily life including artistic activity and economic activity). Our research is very open and contemporary that allows everyone to share the same information. We select the most appropriate media, such as electricity, paperwork, or visual, depending on each content, and introduce in a handy and portable way to fit for "survival". We will construct and introduce researches as an objective outcome of each frameworks and projects, and as a real survival guide.

When an artist tries continuous artist activity, economic condition will take an important and role and influence on his/her activity. However, Survivart suggests not to consider such economic severe condition pessimistically, but to positively accept part-time work and earn for their lives and activities. In such idea, it may be also acceptable not to rely on existing markets, but to evaluate freely based on oneีs value and taste. Artistic activity and economic activity are the same status in terms of essential in everyday life. In other words, to live and survive in a society as a single individual meets the needs of the times of free expression, and it is also universal. It is totally acceptable to consider working as one of the way and source of artistic creation, study, and presentation.
We, survivart, do not have money as well. Surivart project is also for our survival of our own life.

Contact to Survivart
Phone&Fax. +81-3-5680-5335


Masaru Iwai…artist, reprisentative
Born in 1975, Kyoto.
Ayako Osanai…designer, PR
Born in 1976, Hokkaido.
Tatsuya Ito…artist, administrator
Born in 1975, Fukushima.
Yosuke Hosoda…consultant
Born in 1977, Aichi.
Takuro Kato…space design, assistant
Born in 1982, Yamagata.
Yukiko Kawai…writer, assistant curator
Born in 1985, Shizuoka.
staff07 Takenobu Kobayashi...Marketing planner
Born in 1983, Osaka.

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What's the Survivart?

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