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Exhibition 2007 : Curated by Survivart

Venue: Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo
Date: March 28, 2007 (Wed.) to April 22, 2007 (Sun.)
Closed: Monday
Time: 11:00-19:00 (last entry 18:30)
Admission: Free
Artist: Masaru Iwai (Born in 1975), Yukihiro Taguchi (Born in 1980)
Organize: Tokyo Wonder Site
Production/ Curation: Survivart
Cooperation: Bunkyo City, Bunkyo waste collection office., MUSEUM OF TRAVEL

"Double Cast" Broadcasting station will be open for a limited time at Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo.

2006 Sower of innovation for the next stage
2006v05 vol.5, Education
Feb. 15 (thu) 8:00PM start
Guest: Shigeo GOTO (Editor, Creative Director, Prof.), Masato NAKAMURA (Artist)
Vemue: project space KANDADA
2006v04 vol.4, Special Event @ SuperDeluxe
Survivart presents
Talk + Exhibition + DJ time
Year end art event "waki-aiai" !!!

December 26 [tue] 2006, 18:30 Door open!
adv.1500yen, door 2000yen

Survivart Converse File.018 Theme: Politics
Guest: Yuko Hasegawa (Chief curator/ Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)
+ Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Architect/ Atelier Bow-Wow)

DJ Time: "waki-aiai"
Music that people put their heart and soul into.
Guest DJs: Roger McDonald (Art Initiative Tokyo), and more!!

Survivart Exhibition File.009
Artists: ANAMACHY PAINTHING By Kanako Anamachy (painting), Shinpei Kageshima (painting), Yoshiaki Kuribara (installation, performance), Fetish (installation), Mariko Miwa (installation)

2006v03 vol.3, Special event: Survivart Work shop
October 29, 2006, 2PM- in SAITAMA
2006v02 vol.2, Autonomy
August 12, 2006, 6PM- in AOMORI
Guest: Shunichi Ogura (representative of ARTizan), Shoichiro Tachiki (curator/ NPO harappa), Shoichi Fukushi (dancer/Odoradeku)
2006v01 vol.1, Residence
May 29, 2006, 8PM-
Venue: Live Space planB(NAKANO-KU)
Guest: Aki Hoashi (director of ARCUS), Kyoko Sawanobori (artist)
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■2005 Survivart beta project
2005v15 ver.015
Mar. 29(wed) 2006

[Converse file:15] Yusaku Imamura ( director of Tokyo Wonder Site, architect)
Venue: Live Space planB
2005v14 ver.014
Feb. 24(fri) -26(sun) 2006

[Exhibition file:08] video insteration「nearly」
[Converse file:14] Shigeo GOTO (editor, creative director)
Venue: Live Space planB
2005v13 ver.013
Jan. 20(fri) 2006

[Converse file:13] Katsuhiko Hibino (artist)
Venue: cafe gabowl

Dec. 17(sat) 2005
[Converse file:12] Art Autonomy Network [AAN]
Venue: Kitanaka White

2005v11 ver.011
Nov. 15(tue) 2005

[Converse file:11] Koichi Watari (WATARI-UM, The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art / Curator)
Venue: Live Space planB
2005v10 ver.010
Oct. 13(thu)-16(sun) 2005

[Exhibition file:07] Survivart Indipendent
[Converse file:10] Tomio Koyama (President of Tomio Koyama Gallery)
2005v19 ver.009
Sept. 9(fri)-11(sun) 2005

[Exhibition file:06] Yasutomo Shokuan
[Converse file:09] Naoki Sato (Art Director, President of ASYL DESIGN/ ASYL CRACK), Yukiko Harada (Indipendent Curator/ Writer)

Venue: Live Space planB
2005v08 ver.008
Aug. 17(wed)-19(fri) 2005

[Exhibition file:05] "Cafe from Dusk" Mari Ohyama, Isao Kimura
[Converse file:08] Yuko Ozawa (NPO Arts Initiative Tokyo/ Director)
Venue: Live Space planB
2005v07 ver.007
July. 26 (tue) 2005

[Converse file:07] Masami Shiraishi (President of Shiraishi Contemporary Art Inc.)
2005v06 ver.006
June. 7 (tue) 2005

[Converse file:06] Fram Kitagawa (Art director, President of Art Front Gallery)
Venue: rt Front Gallery
2005v05 ver.005
May. 14 (sun)-16(mon) 2005

[Exhibition file:04] From Point to Point---Seoul, South Korea
[Converse file:05] Yasuko Furuichi (JAPAN FOUNDATION / Art coordinator) , Fumihiko Sumitomo (NTT InterCommunication Center / Curator)
Venue: Live Space planB
2005v04 ver.004
April. 17 (sun) 2005

[Converse file:04] Makoto Murata (Art journalist)
Venue: Live Space planB
2005v03 ver.003
March. 16 (wed)-20(sun) 2005

[Exhibition file:03]Finding memory/ Survivart
[Converse file:03] Min Tanaka (dancer, director, farmer)
Venue: Live Space planB
2005v02 ver.002
Feb. 18 (fri) 2005

[Exhibision file:02] Atsushi Suzuki
[Converse file:02] Sumiko Kumakura
Venue: Live Space planB

Jan. 22(sat)-28(fri) 2005

[Exhibision file:01] Masaru Iwai
[Converse file:01] Takashi Serizawa(Director, P3 art & environment)
Venue: Live Space planB

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South Korea Art Scene Research 2005

There are many alternative spaces in Seoul where is a capital of South Korea. We had interviewes with several people in Korean art scene, and visited new art museum and so on.

Research theme: food, people, occasion, space, product
Date: April, 2005

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Other activities

A staff of Survivart joined a talk event as a guest.

GUEST:Takehito Noda(NPO waterscape), Ayako Osanai(Survivart)
Event: MOT 2005 (Daikanyama Installation)
Date: November 23, 2005


Survivart joined a talk event as a speaker.

Event: Hatoyama art project
Date: October 29, 2005


Survivart researched on Cheong-Gye Cheon Restoration Project in Seoul, South Korea. And we made a interview video for WRRF in Tokyo.

Date: October 8, 2005

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Survivart on Media

Free CD-ROM Magazine "CINRA"
cinra-magajzine vol. 10

sotokoto SOTOKOTO, April, 2006

Eurek, April, 2005

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sower of innovation for the next stage
Survivart beta project
Korea research 2005
Other activities
Survivart on Media

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